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Slugger Clone V4

Slugger Clone V4 stands 4 feet 10 inches tall and reportedly weighs 160lbs. He is currently registered in the Middleweight division. He fights for AustralAsia and South America and is managed by Fong

has has a rating of 22, a status of 25 and record of 58-20-4 (46/5) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 21-13-3 (16/3)

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On 9th June 2002, Fong's gym hired a mad scientist to clone 4 little sluggers (V1-V4). Using advanced genetic engineering and DNA samples of some of the legendary sluggers in the world, the cloning worked and V4 became the most successful fighter in our gym. At his peak he was notorious for pushing his limit by challenging for the most difficult fights, often at weightclasses far beyond his own size. His list of opponents reads like who is who in TBG.

History/Record in world title fights: 21-13-3 (17/3)

1. That damn car is too fast for me
Lightweight title fight on April 30, 2003 vs Fiat 600 (La-may)
lost by unanimous decision
Inexperienced and fighting below his natural his weight division at the time, V4 didn't stand a chance against Fiat in his first ever title challenge. He helped Fiat to his 10th successive title win.

2. Young and dangerous
Welterweight title fight on May 21, 2003 vs youngblood (La-may)
lost by KO in round 1
The impatient young slugger failed again in his 2nd world title attempt, his first round all-out gamble was anticipated by Youngblood.

3. Up against a living legend
Welterweight title fight on June 11, 2003 vs Earl "Daredevil" Edwards (Bold Bill)
lost by unanimous decision
World title fights are not meant to be easy, but it doesn't come harder than this. All-time great Earl "Daredevil" Edwards (30 times world champion) gave V4 a boxing lesson he would never forget.

4. What's in his gloves?
Welterweight title fight on July 23, 2003 vs Dalton Bell (Vibo)
lost by KO in round 4
Slugger vs Slugger, both going for heads. V4 ended up with half a dozen very serious cuts & swells early in the fight while Dalton's face was unscathed.

5. Perhaps it's not meant to be?
Welterweight title fight on August 12, 2003 vs Dalton Bell (Vibo)
lost by a foul in round 1
Frustated by his lack of ability to win a world title, V4 fouled out in his 5th attempt with a bite to Dalton's ear.

6. Revenge is sweet
Welterweight title fight on August 28, 2003 vs Dalton Bell (Vibo)
won by KO in round 12
V4 finally won his 1st title in his 6th attempt, against a champ who had beaten him in his last two attempts.

7. Taming the snake
Welterweight title fight on September 3, 2003 vs Snake "Poison" Bite (Nuno)
won by KO in round 5
To tame a snake, first you must blind its eyes.

8. It was no fluke
Welterweight title fight on September 24, 2003 vs Dalton Bell (Vibo)
won by KO in round 12
V4 proved his win against Dalton was no fluke by repeating the 12th round KO victory.

9. Slugger and the Beast
Welterweight title fight on October 2, 2003 vs The Beast Boy (Kenny KO)
won by KO in round 12
Another 12th round KO win for the slugger.

10. The 149lbs Light-Heavy champ
Light-Heavyweight title fight on October 16, 2003 vs Jackhammer Jones (Slick Willy)
won by unanimous decision
Bored by the lack of challengers in welter, the 149lbs V4 went to to challenge the higher rated L-H champ Jackhammer Jones. Despite the odds, V4 dominated the fight and became probably the smallest fighter to wear the L-H belt.

11. David vs Goliath
Cruiserweight title fight on October 24, 2003 vs Great Klitschko (Top Rank)
lost by unanimous decision
The victory at L-H emboldened V4. At 4 foot 10 weighing 150 lbs, he challenged the 6 foot 6 190 lbs cruiser champ Klitschko in what many considered a career suicide. It was suicide all right, V4 couldn't even win a round and was knocked down twice in the final round.

12. Comfort Zone
Welterweight title fight on November 5, 2003 vs The Beast Boy (Kenny KO)
won by KO in round 12
Still nursing his wound from the cruiser fight, V4 went back to familiar territory in welter and reclaimed his belt from Beast Boy.

13. The predictable monster
Welterweight title fight on November 12, 2003 vs Regan the Monster Hall (Dad & Son)
won by KO in round 6
Regan was a monster all right, but he was too predictable for his own good.

14. A fine match
Welterweight title fight on November 19, 2003 vs Koshonne Enosti (Bold Bill)
Enosti was an excellent dancer, raised by Vibo and was managed by Bold Bill. It's been a while since V4 had such a fine challenger in his natural welterweight. Their first bout ended in a draw.

15. No risk no gain
Welterweight title fight on November 26, 2003 vs Koshonne Enosti (Bold Bill)
won by KO in round 1
After drawing their 1st fight, V4 realised something radical was needed to beat Enosti. The first round gamble paid off handsomely.

16. Finishing off Enosti
Welterweight title fight on December 3, 2003 vs Koshonne Enosti (Bold Bill)
won by KO in round 7
With the rating reversed and additional APs, there was no need to gamble anymore. V4 finished off Enosti in the last of their three fights with a 7th round KO win.

17. 10th title win
Light-Heavyweight title fight on December 11, 2003 vs bigdoghughes (ZWIP)
won by KO in round 12
V4 reached 10 title milestone with this 12th round KO win over bigdoghughes.

18. Rematch with the big dog
Light-Heavyweight title fight on March 11, 2004 vs bigdoghughes (ZWIP)
unanimous decision
Coming back from a 3-month holiday, V4 challenged big dog for a rematch again. The outcome was closer, but not different.

19. Lucky draw
Middleweight title fight on March 18, 2004 vs Joe Sakic (Bold Bill)
Another one of Vibo's fine dancers in the hand of the legendary Bold Bill. Sakic was an even better fighter than Enosti. V4 was lucky to finish this fight with a draw.

20. Bursting the Bubble
Middleweight title fight on June 3, 2004 vs Bubble (La-may)
won by KO in round 12
Bubble (22 times world champion) was enjoying a six title winning streak in middleweight. V4 put an end to that with a sweet 12th round KO.

21. As close as it gets
Cruiserweight title fight on September 3, 2004 vs Cyril O'Reilly (Slick Willy)
lost by majority decision
This was as close as V4 ever got to the cruiserweight belt, with a judge awarding the fight a draw and the other two scoring a narrow victory for Cyril.

22. A battle of pride
Light-Heavyweight title fight on December 23, 2004 vs Chris Nilan (Petu v.d. Pajm)
won by KO in round 12
Giving up 23lbs in a slugfest vs 12 times Light-Heavyweight champion Chris Nilan was very painful. Going into the final round Nilan was up by 5 points but in much worse shape (having aimed for head while V4 aimed for body). Nilan could have gone 1/1/18 for a guaranteed decision win, but his pride told him to keep slugging, and was KOd by the fresher V4.

23. Another futile attempt
Cruiserweight title fight on January 7, 2005 vs Cyril O'Reilly (Slick Willy)
lost by unanimous decision
Another futile cruiserweight attempt vs Cyril. This time it wasn't even close.

24. Cutting the invicible Cetus
Middleweight title fight on January 20, 2005 vs Cetus (Bold Bill)
won by KO in round 12
9 times world champion Cetus had only been defeated once before (very early in his career), and has never been KO'd in his 30+ fights career. That was