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Bubba Will ToonYou

Bubba Will ToonYou stands 6 feet 1 inches tall and reportedly weighs 247lbs. He is currently registered in the Heavyweight division. He fights for U.S. East and is managed by Khrog

has has a rating of 7, a status of 14 and record of 16-8-0 (7/4) and is currently D .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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Fighter Description

Bubba Will ToonYou puts on his game face as his trainer prepares him for the Regional Heavyweight Championship of Canada 2nd REMATCH against "King" Solomon Pierce. He won the fight by knocking him out in the 11th round to knock him out twice in a row.

Huge Canadian boxer who's afraid of nobody. His quick speed and power punches will definitely "ToonYou"! No pun intended.

Some critize him for not having knockout power since his first five fights were won by unanimous decision. What does he have to say about that? "I obviously didn't need to knock them out, I won every round in each of the 5 fights which is 60 straight rounds I won. If that doesn't impress you then I don't know what will". Shortly after, he knocked out 5 out of his next 6 opponents. "Impressed now?"

Many will say that Bubba Will ToonYou will not be the greatest fighter in TBG history because of his TKO loss to "King" Solomon Pierce. What does Bubba have to say about that? "The ref should of never stopped the fight! I was well capable of beating him to a pulp. He scratched me a bit but certainly not enough for me to not continue. It was a fluke that he won and I proved it by knocking him out in the same round he TKO'ed me last fight! Sometimes things don't go your way especially if you're not the champ! I intend to defend my title against "King" Solomon Pierce again next week to prove again for all those doubters that I am the greatest and can beat "King" over and over and over again! After I win, I'll most likely vacant my Regional title and go for the World title. Watch out World, I'm coming soon!"

Historic Events

May 25, 2001 - First amateur fight against BURNaLOT. Won in a unanimous decision, 120-108, 120-108, 120-108.

July 27, 2001 - Won his 10th straight fight against Adolf Schneider to improve his record to 10-0-0 (4/0).

August 17, 2001 - Won the Regional Heavyweight Championship of the Amateurs against Eerie Banana Man to remain undefeated at 13-0-0 (5/0).

August 31, 2001 - Won the Regional Heavyweight Championship of Canada against "King" Solomon Pierce to improve his record at 14-1-0 (6/1).

Bubba's Titles Held

Former Regional Heavyweight Champion of the Amateurs

Current Regional Heavyweight Champion of Canada

Bubba's Current Goal

To win the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Bubba's Future Goal

To be the greatest fighter in TBG history.

Who does he credit to all his success? "Only Champions Boxing has certainly trained and managed me well. I credit all of my success to them. They have supported me 100 percent since the beginning of my career. I'd also like to thank God, my kid Bubba Will ToonYou Jr. and most importantly my wife Isabelle for all their support."

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