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Salazar Beerguzzler

Salazar Beerguzzler stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and reportedly weighs 305lbs. He is currently registered in the Heavyweight division. He fights for U.S. East and is managed by 1 + 1 (BOT Gym 3)

has has a rating of 11, a status of 20 and record of 66-51-2 (59/29) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 0-2-0 (0/0)

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Fighter Description

Had the Second Bout in Cheez'z Gym'z history. (Fight number for Uranus Hertz was lower, created same time).

With the missing reports, first fought January 4, 1997.

"You always won, every time you placed a bet
Your still damn good, no one's gotten to you yet...
Every time they were sure they had you caught...
You were quicker than they thought...
You just turned your back and walked.
You always said, cards will never do you wrong.
the trick you said, was never play the game too long.
A gamblers share, the only risk that you would take...
The only loss you could foresake,
The only bluff you couldn't fake,
And your still the same.
I caught up with you yesterday... Moving game to game...
No one standing in your way
Turning on the charm, long enough to get you by.
Your still the same...
Your still hot...
There you stood, everybody watched you play
I just turned and walked away...
I had nothing left to say...
Cause your still the same.
Still the same...
Moving game to game.
Some things never change,
Your still the same.
still the same..."

In his prime, argueably the greatest Heavyweight of All-Time.
All Time TBG KO King
First Fighter ever to 64 wins
Proud Member of the The Boxing Game Hall of Fame.
Oldest Fighter at 97 fights to challenge for a World Title
Official "The Boxing Game" Spokesperson

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