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Aramis le Chevalier d'Herblay

Aramis le Chevalier d'Herblay stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and reportedly weighs 120lbs. He is currently registered in the Bantamweight division. He fights for Europe and is managed by Raedwulf's Hall of Heroes

has has a rating of 3, a status of 3 and record of 3-1-1 (1/0) and is currently D .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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A young man, not more than twenty-two or twenty-three years of age, with a soft, ingenuous countenance, a black and mild eye, and cheeks rosy and damask as an autumnal peach; his slender moustache marks a perfect straight line along his upper lip; his hands appear to dread hanging down, for fear of making their veins swell. He continually pinches the tips of his ears to make them preserve a delicate carnation and transparent hue. He habitually talks little and slowly, often bows, laughs quietly, merely showing his perfect teeth. He takes the greatest care of his appearance. < http://.com/ur.php> < http://.com/ur.php> < http://bookmonn.com/ur.php>