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Force of Nature

Force of Nature stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and reportedly weighs 172lbs. He is currently registered in the Light-Heavyweight division. He fights for U.S. East and is managed by 1 + 1 (BOT Gym 3)

has has a rating of 7, a status of 13 and record of 27-18-2 (16/9) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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Manager's Note: Force of Nature has been among my most successful fighters and probably will continue to be so. I seem to have a knack for guiding him into winning and his loss against BrokenPipe's fighter was a fight that I had pretty much determined that I needed a miracle to win.
Force of Nature has hit a seriously rough spot in his career...I fear he may never be the same again.

Manager's Note: Force of Nature achieved a rating of 8 on March 31, 1999 and took over the leading Light-Heavyweight spot in AOL. That fight was also the first time I had beaten one of AUNT TOOTSIE's fighters.

Force of Nature is a natural power that exerts influence on the patterns that exist around him...as he walks thru a room a green sheen announcing his presence flickers around him in an aura of all things wild. A woodland scent is carried on a breeze not noticed only a moment ago...Echoes of the fallen trees and chattering of forest creatures is upon the breeze...Breathe deep and enjoy the world!

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