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Jakkir Hellfire

Jakkir Hellfire stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and reportedly weighs 217lbs. He is currently registered in the Heavyweight division. He fights for U.S. West and is managed by The Coroner

has has a rating of 14, a status of 18 and record of 38-24-6 (32/12) and is currently R .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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Fighter Description

My deion page is dedicated to my KnockOuts!!!:

  1. Rocky Balboa: Conventional EKO wisdom states "Don't go Allout against a taller, stronger opponent."
  2. Sugar Eugene Horowitz: Toughness is definitely an investment.
  3. Maxie: Its all about the condition. The slugger that throws the fewer punches gets a huge advantage.
  4. Dirty Kane: Cuts can really ruin a sluggers day.
  5. Maxie: Learn from your previous encounters.
  6. JESIE JAMES: Sometimes keeping the punchcount down just isn't enough.
  7. B.A. Freak: Slice em and Dice em.
  8. Hans Solo: Resting then headhunting can be EXTREMELY deadly.
  9. Erlenmeyer: If a manager isn't topnotch, they tend to stick with what works. Use this approach against them.
  10. Smurfman: Sometimes going allout to the body doesn't work as effectively as a headhunting series because of the cut factor.
  11. Bonecruncher: If a taller fighter that has power is going to run, you are obligated to pound until you hunt them down.
  12. FLASH GORDIN: Extreme slappers should rarely go past a 6 agg when facing a slugger.
  13. Nega Duck: Agility and balanced sluggers have this habit of winning rounds just by causing damage. The world is a beautiful place.
  14. Darkwing Duck II: Outside is a very bad move without any power to back it up.
  15. Equinox: Since Equinox couldn't beat Jakkir going the distance he gave it a go in the 3rd. Sorry, Khrog isn't that predictable.
  16. Salazar Vodka: We all have those days that it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.
  17. Khun"GK"Krungthep: I live for these fights.
  18. VooDoo: When the opposing manager gets mixed up, all sorts of crazy things happen.
  19. Mac "The Wack" Michelson: Staying conservative keeps you alive, but it doesn't win fights when you are at a disadvantage.
  20. Antonio Castro: Inside gets you killed against an agile slugger when your only asset is strength.
  21. Fizzical: Flailing against a fellow slugger does only one thing...Get you killed.
  22. Non-Stop Swede: Cuts are the life and death of the agility slugger.
  23. Pretty Fly White Guy: Thoroughly outclassing your opponent is exceptionally fun.
  24. G.Zuss.Friek: Just another piece of meat for Jakkir's Grinder.
  25. "Tricky Tish" Wicker: Predictability will eventually catch up to you.
  26. Boxer v2.0: I thought sluggers couldn't take boxers?
  27. Calibri: Being outgunned and overmatched makes one heck of mountain to climb. You fell.
  28. Whippersnapper: Agility Sluggers with the AP advantage will triumph over any Speed Slugger.
  29. Son of Cheez: On a wing and a prayer did I win.
  30. Iron Clay Junior: Can Jakkir take a beating? Hell yes!
  31. K2 Everesston: Normally brawling is a very bad idea against a somewhat strong slapper. When you can take the damage rather easily...then its an option.
  32. Jet Black: Yeah, I still have it.

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