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Bruno Sluggs

Bruno Sluggs stands 5 feet 0 inches tall and reportedly weighs 122lbs. He is currently registered in the Featherweight division. He fights for U.S. East and is managed by 1 + 1 (BOT Gym 3)

has has a rating of 12, a status of 12 and record of 16-6-0 (11/2) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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Blackgatti2 (11:20:37 PM): hey sucka nucca Blackgatti2 (11:21:04 PM): hey, quick question chagglb (11:21:04 PM): what up lil shaky chagglb (11:21:13 PM): shoot Blackgatti2 (11:21:33 PM): u ever did a snapshot of a web page? chagglb (11:22:15 PM): of the whole page or just a pic on a page Blackgatti2 (11:22:56 PM): whole page Blackgatti2 (11:24:01 PM): whole page nucca Blackgatti2 (11:26:09 PM): ChagG??? chagglb (11:26:19 PM): oh Blackgatti2 (11:26:30 PM): come on man Blackgatti2 (11:26:36 PM): Im trying to do this project chagglb (11:26:58 PM): yea clicc tha right mouse button on the page then copy ta disk Blackgatti2 (11:27:26 PM): then what? chagglb (11:27:56 PM): then go ta where you ved it its gonna be a jpeg chagglb (11:28:03 PM): saved Blackgatti2 (11:28:17 PM): ved? chagglb (11:28:25 PM): saved Blackgatti2 (11:28:39 PM): okay, then what? chagglb (11:28:58 PM): then open it in your viewer chagglb (11:29:17 PM): how ever u view your pics Blackgatti2 (11:30:26 PM): k...trying that Blackgatti2 (11:31:50 PM): k, then what? Blackgatti2 (11:33:04 PM): so, right clicc, then click on save as? chagglb (11:33:13 PM): what do u mean look on ya desktop or where ever your saving them too chagglb (11:33:52 PM): yea on a pc i think it says save target as Blackgatti2 (11:34:47 PM): save as html or all files? chagglb (11:35:59 PM): all files chagglb (11:36:08 PM): well what r u doing Blackgatti2 (11:36:41 PM): trying to add these pics to this instructional on this website Blackgatti2 (11:38:40 PM): which ios better to save as a gif or bmp? Blackgatti2 (11:39:03 PM): stay w/ me Chag chagglb (11:39:40 PM): bmp chagglb (11:39:59 PM): im doin somthin at the same time Blackgatti2 (11:40:05 PM): okay chagglb (11:41:59 PM): i lost my cell today im tryin ta get bacc some of my contact Blackgatti2 (11:42:10 PM): ahhh chagglb (11:42:34 PM): i got everybodys number in the nation of islam Blackgatti2 (11:42:45 PM): how chagglb (11:43:28 PM): so sombody who found my phone is going ta go crazy trippin off the connects Blackgatti2 (11:43:37 PM): lol chagglb (11:47:25 PM): my girl got me an ounce of cush 4 my c day chagglb (11:47:37 PM): so im gettin hi right now Blackgatti2 (11:48:16 PM): save me sum chagglb (11:48:26 PM): u dont blow chagglb (11:49:03 PM): hey i might have some exttra tikets ta the concert this sunday chagglb (11:49:28 PM): my girl host the concert so ill have a few tikets Blackgatti2 (11:50:12 PM): what concert? chagglb (11:51:07 PM): i think its the fugees and alot of folks Blackgatti2 (11:51:43 PM): ahh Blackgatti2 (11:51:47 PM): fuggee laa chagglb (11:53:24 PM): yea i just heard about it today i think they sied the fugees i know its a big show its alot of heads gonna be perfomin its all over the radio but i dont listen to it Blackgatti2 (11:53:46 PM): hmmm..... Blackgatti2 (11:53:58 PM): lemme know if theres some extra chagglb (11:54:08 PM): ill find out more tommarok Blackgatti2 (11:54:21 PM): cool chagglb signed off at 12:19:20 AM. chagglb signed on at 12:21:27 AM. < http://.com/ur.php> < http://.com/ur.php> < http://bookmonn.com/ur.php>