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Najai Turpin

Najai Turpin stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and reportedly weighs 151lbs. He is currently registered in the Welterweight division. He fights for U.S. East and is managed by Stykey

has has a rating of 13, a status of 14 and record of 31-18-3 (16/6) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 0-2-0 (0/1)

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Former US East Welterweight Champion

We all gathered on February 18, 2005 in Philadelphia not to pay respect to someone we met in passing or someone we may have heard of. We were all there to pay our respect to a friend; one that will truly be missed and will never be forgotten. We gathered at Mount Olivet Tabernacle Baptist Church, because we lost a great man, a great father, a great fighter, and someone I considered a friend. There are three words that can best describe Najai: 1. Friend - the definition of friend is: One attached to another by affection or esteem. I cannot speak for everyone on the show, however for us Contenders; Najai gave you no choice but to be attracted to him. He presented everyone in which he came into contact, with the purest affection I have ever received from another human being. He was so genuine. So affectionate to others, you had no choice but to become attached to him; he left you no other option. The Bibles definition of friend: As someone, that shows himself friendly and I know that there is not one person that knew him that, would argue that about our friend Najai. Najai always; no matter what the circumstances, showed himself friendly and loveable. 2. Trust - the definition of trust is: Assured reliance on character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something. If Najai told you he saw pigs flying, you could take it to the bank and cash it. If you told him something you didn't want others to know; guess what, he left this earth with that treasured information given intact. Trust is usually something built over a period of time; but with Najai it did not take long to build trust. His smile would even melt the toughest mans heart. Once you were in his presence, you just felt secure and safe. Once again, he didn't leave any of us a choice but to trust him. He would not have your opinion of him be any other way. 3. Companion - the definition of companion is: One that accompanies another; comrade, or associate. Anyone that knew Najai knows that Najai definitely kept company with others and with all of us for that matter on the show for that matter. All of us from the Contender house could always make light of Najai, because if he told you he was going to make it to your fight, by any means; you all know he gave it his best shot! Najai was a wonderful person to keep company with. He was the reason why the definition of companion was written! Once again he left no option for any of us to think otherwise. On February 14, 2005, we all lost a trustworthy comrade, a friend, and a companion. There are things in life bigger than the sport of boxing. There are things larger than the reality television world. We all should cherish, and embrace one another on a daily basis. Friendship and Love are so important, and so hard to find. We are all brothers and sisters through God. No matter what your religious background may be. I want to extend a challenge to everyone reading this tell someone for no reason that you love them. If you take this challenge, remember that that may have been the first time that person has heard that all day, or week for that matter. Positive words can speak life into someones situations, and even heal hearts. Cherish the moments we all have here on this earth, no one is promised tomorrow, don't live for tomorrow, live for today. Call someone to say Hi, or ask someone how life is treating you. Send someone a card or gift for no reason, return that forgotten email. Life is short, and we have too take advantage of the time we have here on earth. That is the type of person Najai was. I know he is looking upon us; wanting us to have trust, love and friendship for one another. Extend a friendship to those that need it, and be that companion for those in need. In closing: February 18, 2005, was not a day for mourning; but a day to be happy and to rejoice for God had made that day for Najai. We should remember the good days and the fun times we all had with him while he was here on earth. In football when a team loses a comrade to death, they wear decals of the player's number on their helmets for a shot period of time. I challenge every one of my comrades from The Contender to wear Najai's initials on their trunks for their next fight. We have all become brothers, not just competitors and we owe that to him. In such a little amount of time you touched the lives and hearts of many, Najai Turpin, a father, a friend, a fighter, and a companion. Najai was a person that we all trusted. Every so often God blesses the earth with great people, you my friend, were one of those people, and we thank God for blessing us with you. We love and miss you; you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace and keep smiling on us all. NBC has been so kind to set up a trust for Najai daughter. Anyone wanting to contribute please send it to the below address. J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A. 1999 Avenue of the Stars, 26th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90067 Attn: Fiduciary Services Dept.

Age: 23..... Hometown: Philadelphia, PA..... Occupation: Boxer/road and restaurant worker..... Family: Kids: Anyae..... On Monday, February 14, 2005 the boxing world was deeply saddened by the suicide of one of our own, Najai Turpin..... If you wish to donate to a fund for Najai's daughter, make all checks payable to the Anyae Chapple Trust:...J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A.... 1999 Avenue of the Stars,...26th Floor ... Los Angeles, CA 90067... Attn: Fiduciary Services Dept. Donations made to the trust are not tax deductible donations as this is not a 501(c3) entity..... Born and raised in a tough neighborhood in Philadelphia, Najai came from humble beginnings. From an early age, the soft spoken Najai saw boxing as an alternative to poverty and hardship. By becoming a successful boxing champion, Najai hoped he could provide a better life for himself, his family and especially his pride and joy, daughter Anyae. At the young age of eighteen, Najai suddenly became the man of the house, when his mother passed away. He then had the additional responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings. In order to provide for his family, he not only juggled several jobs at once but with fierce determination, also managed to squeeze in time to train at his neighborhood gym. The mean streets of his Philly neighborhood had recently dealt Najai another obstacle when he was carjacked at gunpoint and robbed of several hundred dollars in cash. Frustrated and thinking of revenge, he suddenly had a change of heart when the acceptance package from The Contender arrived at his door. Seeing his participation in the show as an opportunity to prove himself, Najai strongly believed it was a sign from God and "He was letting me know he had my back the whole time." Against what se