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(Featherweight) Meadows Can't Stop Dancing 2014 defeated BOT-152476 by knockout (KO) in round 1.

Match Thursday, December 19, 2013

In this corner, standing 5 feet and 2 inches (157 centimeters) tall weighing in at 116 pounds (53 kilograms) is Meadows Can't Stop Dancing 2014!!

In this corner, standing 6 feet(183 centimeters) tall weighing in at 126 pounds (57 kilograms) is BOT-152476!!

The referee for this bout will be Jay Nady.


Dancing 2014 throws everything he's got! (all-out)
Bot-152476 stays outside and fires rat-a-tat jabs.

+ The fighters exchange uppercuts to the nose.
+Bot-152476 thumps Dancing 2014 with a barrage of punches to the face.
+Bot-152476 tattoos Dancing 2014 with a pair of heavy shots to the temple.
+Dancing 2014 takes charge with a series of off balance hooks to the head.
+Bot-152476 catches Dancing 2014 with a volley of vicious punches to the head.
+Bot-152476 scores with a flurry of glancing punches to the head!! Dancing 2014 gets mad!
+Bot-152476 catches Dancing 2014 with a flurry of blows to the solar plexus.
+Bot-152476 hits with a flurry of loud shots to the jaw.
+Bot-152476 catches Dancing 2014 with a series of wild shots to the eye.
+Dancing 2014 pokes Bot-152476 with a uppercut to the head.
Dancing 2014 lands a sudden left blow to the temple and Bot-152476's mouth guard flies into the far corner -- he's down!!










He's Out!
Meadows Can't Stop Dancing 2014 wins by a Knock Out!!

Dancing 2014 doesn't want to stop fighting!

Bot-152476 grabs a water bottle and rests on his stool. He has gash above the right eye. He has serious cut below the left eye. He has the right eye swollen shut. He has swelling above the left eye.

Meadows Can't Stop Dancing 2014 wins by a knockout!