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Public Fight Report

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(Heavyweight) Nathan Lawrence defeated Lagunitas "Censored" American Amber by technical knockout (TKO) in round 1.

Match Saturday, May 22, 2021

In this corner, standing 7 feet and 1 inch (216 centimeters) tall weighing in at 304 pounds (138 kilograms) is Nathan Lawrence!!

In this corner, standing 6 feet and 5 inches (196 centimeters) tall weighing in at 136 pounds (62 kilograms) is Lagunitas "Censored" American Amber!!

The referee for this bout will be Joe Cortez.


Lawrence comes out fighting.
Censored moves and jabs. (using the ring)

+Lawrence hits with a flurry of shots to the temple.
+Censored attacks with a pair of off balance punches to the eye!!
+Lawrence thumps Censored with a flurry of shots to the head.
-Lawrence lunges with a series of punches to the chin, but Censored narrowly avoids it
+Censored lands a pair of nice punches to the face!!
-Lawrence launches a volley of blows to the head, but to no avail.
-Lawrence fires a flurry of shots to the mouth, but misses.
+Lawrence hits with a series of quick punches to the temple!! Lawrence sees his chance -- he's pounding away! Censored falls into a clinch. He won't let go! The referee is warning him but he won't let go! That's it, the fight is stopped!! The Referee stops the fight!
Nathan Lawrence wins by a Knock Out!!

Lawrence looks exhausted.

Censored can't remember which corner is his.

Nathan Lawrence wins by a technical knockout!