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(Strawweight) Hermann Georing defeated Viracocha by disqualification in round 1.

Match Thursday, July 2, 2020

In this corner, standing 4 feet and 5 inches (135 centimeters) tall weighing in at 103 pounds (47 kilograms) is Viracocha!!

In this corner, standing 5 feet and 5 inches (165 centimeters) tall weighing in at 106 pounds (48 kilograms) is Hermann Georing!!

The referee for this bout will be Richard Steele.


Viracocha clinches when his opponent closes. (clinching)
Georing fights inside. (inside)

+Georing staggers Viracocha with an illegal rabbit punch! The referee sees it and issues a warning!
+Viracocha pummels Georing with a painful roundhouse to the temple!!
-Georing lunges with a series of shots to the jaw, but Viracocha leaps aside.
+Viracocha attacks with a pair of shots to the eye.
Viracocha lands a vicious blow to the temple and Georing's mouth guard flies into the far corner -- he's down!!







Georing struggles to his feet and the fight goes on.
+Georing slams Viracocha with a pair of light shots to the eye.
+Viracocha punches Georing with a head butt! Hermann Georing pretends to be injured! He'll get an academy award! The referee halts the bout!
Hermann Georing wins by forfeit!!
Viracocha doesn't want to stop fighting!

Georing looks exhausted. He has minor cut below the left eye.

Hermann Georing wins by a foul!