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(Heavyweight) Smokey Lee Johnson defeated Jack Shoate by technical knockout (TKO) in round 1.

Match Saturday, June 13, 2020

In this corner, standing 6 feet(183 centimeters) tall weighing in at 231 pounds (105 kilograms) is Smokey Lee Johnson!!

In this corner, standing 6 feet and 3 inches (191 centimeters) tall weighing in at 198 pounds (90 kilograms) is Jack Shoate!!

The referee for this bout will be Jay Nady.


Johnson backpedals and jabs.
Shoate moves and jabs. (using the ring)

+Johnson fires a flurry of punches to the nose.
Johnson lands a ferocious right uppercut and Shoate is flattened!!





Shoate struggles to his feet and the fight goes on.
+Shoate hits with a barrage of punches to the ribs.
+Shoate nails Johnson with a volley of punches to the eye.
+Shoate hits Johnson with a barrage of hard punches to the head. Johnson sneers "My little sister can hit harder than you!"
+Johnson lashes out with a volley of furious punches to the eye. Johnson attacks like a wild man! Shoate is so messed up his own mother wouldn't know him! The Referee stops the fight!
Smokey Lee Johnson wins by a Knock Out!!

Johnson doesn't want to stop fighting!

Shoate can't remember which corner is his.

Smokey Lee Johnson wins by a technical knockout!