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(Super-Heavyweight) The Slighted defeated BOT-185032 by knockout (KO) in round 1.

Match Tuesday, July 24, 2018

In this corner, standing 9 feet and 3 inches (282 centimeters) tall weighing in at 786 pounds (357 kilograms) is The Slighted!!

In this corner, standing 6 feet and 9 inches (206 centimeters) tall weighing in at 236 pounds (107 kilograms) is BOT-185032!!

The referee for this bout will be Jay Nady.


Slighted throws everything he's got! (all-out)
Bot-185032 is using the ring. (using the ring)

-Bot-185032 launches a barrage of punches to the face, but falls short.
-Slighted tries to land a series of hooks to the jaw, but Bot-185032 steps aside and laughs.
+Slighted pokes Bot-185032 with a barrage of hooks to the face.
+Bot-185032 suprises Slighted with a series of stinging punches to the face!!
-Bot-185032 charges with a series of shots to the chin, but flails uselessly.
-Slighted throws a flurry of left hooks to the jaw, but to no avail.
+Bot-185032 grazes Slighted with a volley of stiff punches to the eye!
+Slighted punches Bot-185032 with a pair of furious punches to the chin. Bot-185032 hangs on until the referee breaks them up.
+Slighted grazes Bot-185032 with a volley of blows to the eye. Bot-185032 is hurt!
Slighted lands a quick left haymaker and Bot-185032 is lifted off his feet and onto his back!!










He's Out!
The Slighted wins by a Knock Out!!

Slighted grabs a water bottle and rests on his stool.

Bot-185032 remains standing while the trainer wipes him down. He has cut above the right eye. He has minor cut below the left eye. He has swelling above the left eye.

The Slighted wins by a knockout!