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Will you be able to deliver that sucker punch in every round?, well thats the idea of this tourney. All you gotta do to win is be the first person to win a fight by KO in every round.

Just create a fighter in the straw weight division and let me know who he is (fighter can be world or regional and can jump between the two, but i advise world as there is more chance for a fight every week). The first person to score a KO in all twelve rounds will recieve $10 bucks. The tourney starts on the 2ND MAY 2005 so keep your fighters retired till the 25TH APRIL 2005. You can enter the tournament at anytime and you can also change your fighter but be aware you will start from scratch again!

This tournament is only open to PRO players if your an amateur and you wanna join in pay your buck and turn pro! Pro's remember you can join the tournament at any time. Great thing about the tourney is that i can take part to and try and win my money, ooooooo ill race yah :)

(NB: ive kept this tourney as simple as possible so i can keep it up to date at all times)


the link is
(img src="http://photobucket.com/albums/y143/elvismonkey/sucker_punch3.jpg")

but change the ( ) to < >

i hope you get in the spirit of it and put it on your fighter page

04-november:Bleeder gets fouled and doesnt get the chance for the KO, corp with a chance to go level with bleeder scores another first round KO doh! Slade and Remora were unable to floor there opponents and had to settle for a Unanimous Decision. Henrey was the only one who managed to score this week and is closing in on the leaders week by week.
25-october:Everyone scores a round this week accept for slade. Its soooo tight now but it took Bleeder over 3 weeks to whittle his rounds down to 2. Little Britian is out of retirement this week so i expect to see a flurry of KO's to get him back up in the running.
21-october:Corp and Slade both score a round this week and with bleeder doubling up again it brings them within one round of him. Remora and Henery both failed to score but as you have seem from bleeder its not that easy when you aint got many rounds left. OOOoOooOOo its exciting :)
12-october:Well its all gone a bit mad now, Bleeder is finding it hard to tie up the competition and everyone is really close, but out of the blue remora has woken up and started cracking heads and is right up there in contention now! Little Britian is retired but just while he is away i think you guys have one more weeks grace to put him out of contention. keep those ko's coming!
27-september:Henery scroes another round this week bringing him to joint third with Britain and Slade and only 1 behind corp. Bleeder failed to score again and i think is now beginning to feel the pressure from the chasing pack who are only 2/3 behind now. Remora was the only other fighter to score this week with a round 6 KO to bring him only 1 round away from the others.
20-september:Corp catches up some vital ground this week with all the other contenders either doubling up or getting beat. Slade and Henerey both manage KO's but in rounds they hae already scored it, would have been good for them with Bleeder not scoring this week. We strangley say bye to Sucker Duck who was in second place, shame but good news for you other guys. We see little britains early dominance fade away will/can he pull a U-turn ?
13-september:For the 4th time in the competition Little Britain scores a round 11 KO it must really be cheesing him off now :). Sucker Duck makes progression forward to catch the leader this week with everyone else either doubling up or not managing that KO. Still anyones game. I like it when its close :)
05-september:Corp takes another step to closing the gap on the leaders. John Slade unluckily scores another round 12 KO, while Little Britain, Bleeder and Henerey all score Unanimous Decisions, i think Bleeder went for the 12 but couldnt finish it.
02-september:Sorry for late update was on hol, and also fried my home pc, this is going on to the end so dont retire even if there is no update one week, surprised to see John Slade retire as he was right up there but he can unretire at anytime. Bleeder way out in front but it only gets harder.
09-august:SLow 2 weeks with on Remora and Henrey getting a score, but it can be like that and the leasted expected to win now could!! its still anybodies money
09-august:Little Britain and John Slade failed to take advantage of Bleeders slips in the past weeks by by doubling up round KO's, nothing for 2 in a bed in this game.
26-july:Sucker Duck is also piling on the pressure to catch the leaders with 2 ko's in the last 2 weeks, it would have put him right back in contention but due to scoring another first round ko he will have to stay in the slip stream a little longer.
26-july:Corp in his chase to catch up dropped short bu unfortunately scoring another round 6 ko. keep in there buddy.
26-july:Bleeder keeps in front but slade is right on his hills and not letting him escape.
13-july:The leader for many weeks jonny is still there with 4 but he keeps doubling up on rounds, he's had 3 ko's in round 11 and 2 ko's in round 3. Is he unlucky ? or are the others lucky ? you decide
13-july:We have a new leader!! BUM takes the lead with 6 KO's followed closely by the The Corp and The Duke
13-july:well we have lost about 3 people through retirement over the last weeks, oh well there loss, its only gunna get harder for the people with more KO's
13-july:firstly id like to apologise for the delay
01-june:Little Britain is still slugging strong, but evryone is off the mark and one little slip will change it all
01-june:Dodgeball joins the fray!! woohoo compettition tis hotting up. Anyone still welcome to enter
24-may:Ive had to retire my fighter so i can concentrate on one of my up and coming straw fighters, but he will return! Goonsquad changed fighter but i couldnt find him in his gym, let us know bud.
24-may:Remora wins again but yet another decision win, thats 4 n 0 but with only 1 KO
24-may:All the late comers make a great start all scoring a KO in there first week. Just proves it doesnt matter when you join t