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Pigeon Poo

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Pigeon Poo stands 4 feet 5 inches tall and reportedly weighs 104lbs. He is currently registered in the Strawweight division. He fights for U.S. Midwest and is managed by Salvageyard

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Welcome to the 2019 Commissioner



Welcome to the 2019 Commissioner's Invitational Tournament!


    It has been a long awaited return of the CIT, but it has finally arrived!  Are you ready for the ultimate tournament in Big Dawg Boxing?  The Commissioner's Invitational Tournament has been a staple since near the dawn of the game, and its absence has been missed for many years, but now it is back!  Admin has spent long hours getting the site in shape for new enhancements and it has not disappointed.  With the introduction of the new tournament maker for the commissioners, it looks like we'll be able to get back to a yearly running of the CIT and it's an all out battle for supremacy within the ranks of new and old members alike!  The new winner's icon just awaits the champion's name of The Commissioner's Invitational Tournament... will it be your gym's name that adorns the new icon?  Don't miss out on getting into the field of this prestigious tournament!  It's time to start the CIT for 2019! 

Are you ready to RUMMMMMBBBBLLLEEEE!!!

  The Battlin Bectel 35
  Salvageyard 18



Record: 53-40-0 (52/22)
World title fights record: 0-0-0 (0/0)
State: A
All time 4P4 Ranking:1951