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all my credits are missing...

Posted 2020/06/13 2:34 AM by GrumpyBigB

I haven't played in a long time but I had credits and now I don't.... can I get my credits back please? thanks!!

Posted 2020/06/13 6:58 AM by ZWIP

Hey Man, Good to see ya back. Hope you stay and play for
a while..Game is as good as ever. Lot's of cool changes. As for
your credits, looks like you haven't logged on since 8/1/2007 so
13 years ago. I looked under your payment history and it shows
you should have 150 credits. You actually have 612 credits to your
name. The only thing credits are used for anymore in this game is
if you want make a fighter at a higher rating than 0. I think it is
100 credits per rating. I hope you stick around a new tourney is coming
up soon.