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BigDawg MMA/Wrestling?

Posted 2019/10/03 7:39 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

So I remember the BigDawg MMA venture a few years back...I love the concept and think you might get a little attention due to it being the fastest growing sport. I actually think making a Professional Wrestling game would be even more epic. You can make cartoonish style wrestlers and the smack talking would be great. Imagine, having certain managers joining a heel faction or having a tweener that just wants to stun the Commish (ZWIP). You can even have a GM that gets to decide on who fights who, like stats remain the same, but it's based on your MIC skills or the back story of your character. I remember joining a fantasy wrestling promotion back in the early 2000's, I made a character that once fought for the European title and promptly loss. But it took me months to get there...all decided by one GM. Thoughts? Maybe I'm just day dreaming and a sugar high on my orange soda lol

Posted 2019/10/06 9:50 AM by Game Admin

Both are still in development, but they are coming.