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Posted 2019/09/15 12:42 PM by ZWIP

OK, Aaron just made the game upgrade. CIT fighters are now scoutable. Very interesting bunch of fighters.
Looks like a ton of guys between 6ft and 6'7...they could be dancers or sluggers. There are not as many Sluggers
as I would have thought. Bold Bill (The Legend) has made the shortest fighter. He could be a super slugger or a
speed slugger. Jimster (The Thinker) has made a SH..Very interesting idea...Could be a great idea. I think it is going to
be a free for all in any case.

Posted 2019/09/16 2:28 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

I was thinking of making a speed slugger, should've done it! Oh well, good luck all.

Posted 2019/09/16 2:53 PM by The_Iguana

when does scheduling actually start? looking forward to seeing who I have to upset in the first round!

Posted 2019/09/16 6:13 PM by ZWIP

I thought it was going to run this weekend. I talked to Aaron
this morning and he said that the upgrade just made scouting
available. So real soon I would imagine. Any predictions??
Anyone?? on the winner??

Posted 2019/09/16 7:16 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

My prediction will be 53rd Street Gym defeats Bold Bill for the final...calling it now.

Posted 2019/09/16 7:22 PM by 53rd Street Gym

I appreciate the vote of confidence The Monster from Within but can you please explain your logic for going that far out on the limb.

Posted 2019/09/16 8:00 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

I just had a vision....53rd KO's Bold Bill with a 11th rd KO...

Posted 2019/09/16 9:35 PM by The_Iguana

Once I see the brackets, I'll work on some predictions. Looking forward to seeing how things match up.

Posted 2019/09/17 5:06 PM by The Jimster

I'll take the safe bet and say La-may. I'm hoping to sneak into the final with an unexpected dino.

Posted 2019/09/25 3:42 PM by 53rd Street Gym

So Monster still sticking with your "vision"?

Posted 2019/09/27 8:38 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

Maybe not....you have a real tough fight against Game Admin....we shall see....

Posted 2019/10/09 7:21 PM by Cheez the DKE

Your predictions are as bad as your fighters' strategies. If this is your version of "Trash Talk" - I wonder what your version of "Pillow Talk" is?

Or has *cough* society evolved to the point that in a forum titled "Trash Talk" we all compliment each other, sing "kum ba yah", and trade cat memes in the frickin' chat?