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Bill's Army Blog

by Bold Bill

15 NOV 05 - I reported on 13 NOV 05. I think they called up 100+ people and about 40 of us showed. They gave us one last chance to resign our commissioned officer status, I think about 3 have taken them up on it here. Most people have already made plans to come here and go overseas and might not have been happy about it, but are getting ready and prepared to head overseas.

I'm 30 and am probably the 2nd or 3rd youngest guy here. A lot are over 40 and have been out of the Army for over 8 years. There's a lot of sarcasm and such, but no real bitching, everybody's taking it pretty well and they people working with us to get us ready are being super supportive. I plan on getting a digital camera and learning some HTML to make this semi-cool other than just plain text.